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Eddie DeLuca

Mostly we enjoy telling people to go poop in their hats. But occasionally we try to provide some halfway useful information - like how we know our knives are the best. Here's what we do. It's complicated, so pay attention.


We give our knives to a human wrecking-ball, the strongest, toughest sucker we know, and former World Arm Wrestling Champion: Eddie DeLuca. He tries to break them.


Eddie, who may be the strongest guy we have ever met, could not break our Prototype Zeus CQBT. We recently watched him throw one of our CQBT combat knives blade first into a concrete blacktop. While we cringed every time the blade hit, the result was nothing - not a scratch, chip, or anything. That's saying something for a guy with these qualifications:

  • Volunteer Survival Instructor U.S. Air Force, HAFB
  • Grand Master Member of the World Head Family Sokeship Council
  • Creator and Founder of DeLuca's Combat Academy, Training for  Real World Combat,  Armed & Unarmed,  Lethal & Non-Lethal
  • Creator and Founder of "Fight to Live" and "Beyond Brutal"
  • Anti-Rape, Anti-Attack, Anti-Abduction. Real World Hands on training course
  • 35 yrs as a Bodyguard, Courier, Escort, Private Investigator, Bouncer, Security Consultant to Stars, VIP's and Businesses.
  • NAIS (Nation Association of Investigative Specialists) Certified Investigator Since 1986
  • Writer /Strength & Conditioning Advisor for Gladiator Magazine
  • Bail USA registered bounty hunter & bail bond investigation Certified since 1986
  • Founder of UMAAC (United Martial Arts Against Crime)
  • Founder of VCIG (Volunteer Certified Instructors Guild)
  • Founder of "Smarter-Not-Harder" Problem solving Experts
  • Research and Development and Testing Director for Ultimate Medical Research
  • Co-Creator of DRED 2Hand Edged Weapon fighting System
  • Co-Creator of Fund Raising Event "The Ultimate Warrior Combat Challenge.  Used to raise money to fight Domestic Violence crimes against women and youth.
  • Certified level 10 Executive Instructor with the black belts of the Faith International (Grand Master Level)
  • The first non-Thai Master Instructor (Grand Master) in Thamvongsa Muay Thai (Awarded by Chatha Thamvongsa)
  • 10th DAN Black belt Grand Master in De Jing Sai Do
  • 10th DAN Black belt Grand Master in  De Kune Tao
  • Grand Master DeLuca's Combat Catch As Catch Can Wrestling
  • Retired USAF (United States Air Force)
  • Served in Somalia, Panama and European Theater
  • Survival Instructor trained in, Desert, Water, Arctic, Woodland, Urban and Jungle expert
  • 41 yrs. training in Martial Arts/Wrestling and Fighting
  • National and World Class Arm Wrestling Champion
  • USAF MWR Rock/Mountain Climbing instructor in USA and Europe
  • MMA Fighter /  Manager / Trainer / Promoter / Advisor
  • Trained US & International, Police (City, State, Special) Army, Air force, Navy, and Marine Special Tactics Personnel etc, since 1977
  • Inducted into International Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame
  • MMA  Fighter /  Manager / Trainer / Promoter / Advisor
  • BodyGuard for King of the Cage Owner, Terry Trebilcock Jr.
  • King of the Cage, Cage Cop
(Updated June 14, 2014)

Email Eddie DeLuca at TheBodyGuard@KingOfTheCage.com

UFC champion Tank Abbot poses with one of our knife testers, Eddie DeLuca. Abbot is holding the CQBT-K Advanced Combat Knife and DeLuca is holding a well-used, ZEUS knife which can be seen in some of the tests on this website. We make gear for legends.

For those interested, our knives feature a zero-grind style at between 7.5 and 11 degrees. We do each of these completely by-hand and by-eyeball. There are no jigs at work here. Our grinder features a ten-inch wheel with a variable speed controller - and we run it at high pressures with a 70 duro contact wheel and 2 inch x 72-inch blaze ceramic belts. 

We do not, however, weigh our knives. If you are worried about how much they weigh, you must be preparing to take them into space. Hope you have a good trip.

Our steels have been LaTrobe Dura Tech 20CV, ELMAX, M390, CTS-204P, Z-FINIT Nitrogen Steel, CPM-20CV and a couple in N690 and Cowry X. We are always experimenting - and always looking for new materials and treatments. 

Our coatings are also specialized stuff: We use Black-T and Black Diamond DLC. Our blades are sent out to those two companies to accomplish that work, depending on the requirements of the project.

We do all our own firing and cryo work. Everything by-hand and by-heart.




5-13 Months


(yep. We are that busy)


Troops come first.


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