Eddie DeLuca's Review of the CQBT

I have known Dave of DS&S TACTICAL for more than 20 years. We have trained together and worked together on many projects. Dave built a Knife for me we called the CQBT - Close Quarters Battle Tool. I've been using it for several years.

Eddie DeLuca's CQBT (After years of use - and after testing) .... including the impromptu tests described below. Those are the original "digital" patterns which Badoracle hand-engraved onto the blade and handle of this knife, still visible after years.

The other day I was out at one of my many mineral mines TheHitManMine.com, I've used the CQBT for everything from hammering to digging,prying, chiseling etc., but on that day i was just relaxing so i walked up to a large piece of wood that is an old mining timber I stood up many years ago. From about 5 feet, I took out my CQBT and i threw it. It stuck very well - about 3/4" to 1" deep. Mining timber is very dense, strong stuff. So, thinking I would test the knife, i grbbed it and snapped it to the right. It just ripped out a large chunk of the wood.


So then I thought I'd test the tip strength, and I kept doing this type of stuff digging into the wood with the knife held in an ice pick grip. I was just chopping away until i made a hole about 3" deep 6" long and 4" wide.

On the way back to the truck i threw the CQBT into the rocky ground a few times; sometimes it stuck and sometimes it just bounced off the rocks. So after about 15 min of that abuse, I went on to do my work, and forgot all about it.


Later that night i was using the CQBT to cut some rope and plastic sheeting. It cut very easily - then I remembered that I had beet the "ever- loving-shit" out of this knife, and it still was performing great. It only had very light scratches on it and still held its edge. When I got home, it sharpened very easily and I put it up for the next time I need it. I've used almost every knife ever made - and never have i seen a knife that could do this with so little damage. Dave has a winner here.


If you want a knife that will stay with you and be there when you need it then you need a CQBT.


Eddie DeLuca

For those interested, our knives feature a zero-grind style at between 7.5 and 11 degrees. We do each of these completely by-hand and by-eyeball. There are no jigs at work here. Our grinder features a ten-inch wheel with a variable speed controller - and we run it at high pressures with a 70 duro contact wheel and 2 inch x 72-inch blaze ceramic belts. 

We do not, however, weigh our knives. If you are worried about how much they weigh, you must be preparing to take them into space. Hope you have a good trip.

Our steels have been LaTrobe Dura Tech 20CV, ELMAX, M390, CTS-204P, Z-FINIT Nitrogen Steel, CPM-20CV and a couple in N690 and Cowry X. We are always experimenting - and always looking for new materials and treatments. 

Our coatings are also specialized stuff: We use Black-T and Black Diamond DLC. Our blades are sent out to those two companies to accomplish that work, depending on the requirements of the project.

We do all our own firing and cryo work. Everything by-hand and by-heart.




5-13 Months


(yep. We are that busy)


Troops come first.


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