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Requesting the creation of a DS&S knife is like commissioning any piece of artwork.


We take great pride in our work and are deeply honored to have the opportunity to create something of timeless beauty and power for you.


We go that extra distance in all our projects that no one else dares to attempt. We will make you something which is perfect for you, and which may be passed down through the generations in your family - something legendary.

Getting Started

  1. Know what you want. First and foremost, discuss this with us at length before the start of the project. We can do a lot here - but to know what will suit you, we must know the things you like and don't like. And we must know what your expectations are.
  2. Full payment in advance. (See our current Paymet Method.) All projects - be they a small, simple pocket knife for a friend or relative, a display piece for your office, or a durable, efficient and deadly combat knife - are all begun the same way. The reason for this is mainly due to materials. because we use the rare and exotic in our art, it is usually necessary to order these items from various remote locations around the globe. Most of these things come from places people rarely visit - some come to us from across the span of thousands of years in time.
  3. Stay informed. We keep you informed via e-mail, in words and photos, at every stage of development during your project. We do this fairly regularly, unless there's a nuclear exchange, a collision with an asteroid, or an abduction by Bigfoot, UFOs or the nice men in the Black Helicopters.
  4. Return of a custom item is impossible. We cannot sell your dreams to other people. Bad movie producers, politicians and other unsavory individuals do that. We don't. So what happens if you don't like the piece of artwork you receive? Well, that shouldn't ever be in question, because we are keeping you regularly informed. You will know what you are getting. If something doesn't look right during the project, fire off an internet flare. We'll be watching for it - and so will the father of the Internet, Al Gore.
    NOTE: Other people watching for your internet missive may include - but not limited to - President Obama, Homeland Security, a handful of administration Czars, North Korea, China, the FSB (which is the former KGB - but they haven't changed much except for their acronym), and maybe the nice men in Black Helicopters and the UFO aliens with whom they conspire.
  5. Remove your tinfoil hat. We do read minds, but if you're wearing your tinfoil hat, your thoughts are shielded, and we can't properly apply our remote viewing powers. Along these lines, if you call us, get all the marbles out of your mouth before placing the call, and speak to us normally - not like Monty Python's "Knights who say Ni." We will not bring you a shrubbery, anyway, no matter how you ask us.
  6. Look at our price list. Sometimes there are additional treatments you may want. They can be viewed HERE. In some instances, the price shown in the list of knives we offer, includes some specialized treatments. The best way to know exactly what your project will cost, is to contact "D" at info@ds-tactical.
  7. Lastly, stop wringing your hands, and order. You can request a PayPal invoice from "D" also at info@ds-tactical.
  8. What to expect after you order: This will take time for us to do. We are two people... a veteran and his wife. The processes are complicated and time-consuming, and sometimes convoluted. Remember that everything is custom work, done from scratch. Also, we generally put deployed or deploying servicemen and women, first. That may mean you could be waiting a bit longer for your project. Patience. The process is as follows.... We order the steel piece for your knife (can take a couple weeks for steel to arrive); we get the raw steel cut at waterjet into the blank for your knife (can take a couple weeks for waterjet to do this); we grind the rough profile for your knife; we polish the rough profile and prep it for firing; we fire the forge to 2100f and heat your knife up until it glows, then quench in oil and eventually liquid nitrogen; we temper the blade, giving it the springiness and toughness; we re-polish the blade, which is now finished (this process of grinding, heat-treating, polishing, can take a month or so); we build the handle and fit it to the knife; we build the sheath and fit it to your handle / knife combo (this can take a couple weeks); we prep for additional treatments (ie. nano-process, and / or coating); we ship your blade to the appropriate coating facility (it can take them about a month); we receive the coated blade back from the out-of-state facility, and re-mount it to the handle; we re-expose the sharpened edge of the finished knife; we coat the blade in SEAL-1; we ship the finished knife.

For those interested, our knives feature a zero-grind style at between 7.5 and 11 degrees. We do each of these completely by-hand and by-eyeball. There are no jigs at work here. Our grinder features a ten-inch wheel with a variable speed controller - and we run it at high pressures with a 70 duro contact wheel and 2 inch x 72-inch blaze ceramic belts. 

We do not, however, weigh our knives. If you are worried about how much they weigh, you must be preparing to take them into space. Hope you have a good trip.

Our steels have been LaTrobe Dura Tech 20CV, ELMAX, M390, CTS-204P, Z-FINIT Nitrogen Steel, CPM-20CV and a couple in N690 and Cowry X. We are always experimenting - and always looking for new materials and treatments. 

Our coatings are also specialized stuff: We use Black-T and Black Diamond DLC. Our blades are sent out to those two companies to accomplish that work, depending on the requirements of the project.

We do all our own firing and cryo work. Everything by-hand and by-heart.




5-13 Months


(yep. We are that busy)


Troops come first.


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