When finished-out, the NEMO looks like the top blade in this photo, and the Leonidas looks like the bottom one.

We have two knife blanks in-house and available: a NEMO and a Leonidas. If interested in either of these two knives, press HERE and send us a message. They can be done in either black or desert coating. Cost for either blade is $600 (a $100 discount as we already have the blanks here and ready to be started).






A Bullshark MK2 Advanced Assault Knife done in desert DLC with G10 phenolic laminate handle and custom handmade bolatron sheath.
A recent NEMO Advanced Deep Water Knife. This is a .204 thick ELMAX third generation super steel blade with G10 phenolic laminate handle, and custom handmade bolatron sheath.

Special knife for One Boy USO

The knife made for One Boy USO's Cody Jackson.

We built a special thank you for Cody Jackson of One Boy USO. The special Tramp knife pictured above was created from CTS-204P American Super Steel and coated with Black Diamond DLC. It was specially engraved by The Recognition Place in Albuquerque.

Three knives recently completed for a customer. Advanced third generation super steel with DLC coating and hand-carved G10 phenolic laminate handles. Pictured are a Bullshark Advanced Assault Knife, Trinity Boot Knife and Tigershark Advanced Combat Knife.
A recent firing of a Bullshark Advanced Assault Knife.
A White Shark Advanced Combat Knife completely hand-engraved with nano-steel treatment over the top of 3rd generation powdered metallurgy supersteel and coated with a fine layer of black diamond DLC.
A ZEUS Advanced Combat Knife completely hand-engraved with nano-steel treatment over the top of 3rd generation powdered metallurgy supersteel and coated with a fine layer of black diamond DLC.
A White Shark Companion Knife completely hand-engraved with nano-steel treatment over the top of 3rd generation powdered metallurgy supersteel and coated with a fine layer of black diamond DLC.

Full-size Crusader forged

A special Crusader done as a full-size combat knife. Twelve inches at .190 thick.

Bullshark done for charity

To benefit The Little Warriors


And more about The Little Warriors HERE.

This Bullshark MK-2 Advanced Combat Knife was built for The Little Warriors Charity. It was auctioned to good effect, helping the children of our nation's warriors..

New Charity Knife finished

This knife (An 1876 James Black-style Bowie in CTS-204P super steel) has been made to benefit a troop charity. Keep your eye here to find out which one. Announcement to be made in the very near future.
Detail of the 1876 James Black Bowie we just finished.

Our blanks we have in-house are all spoken for. That's not to say we can't make you something - but it is to say that whatever we do make for you, likely won't be started for a couple months. We're just popular, baby. But we still love you. Contact info@ds-tactical if you still want to order something and get your project in the line-up.

But we can still make stuff. Get with the program. This is "Death Made Custom," baby!

Blade Raises $5000

The Nemo Advanced Deep Water Knife prototype, made for the Vaughns.

PRIMUS completed

The Primus Advanced Assault Knife made in honor of SEAL Master Chief Steve Bukowski. Built from Cowry X super steel with C-TEK handle pieces. Hand-engraved. Perhaps our finest blade made to-date.
The prototype NEMO Advanced Deep Water Knife is presented at the Memorial Frogman Swim.

Sniper Challenge

Blade has been delivered for Oregon Sniper Challenge to benefit Navy SEAL Foundation. The Challenge will kick off on Friday, August 16, 2013.

For more info, look at this link.....

Coldbore Competition

DS&S Tactical is proud to be working on a special Neptune blade for the 2013 Oregon Sniper Challenge. Proceeds to benefit the Navy SEAL foundation.

At DS&S Tactical...

We make tactical knives for field use.

The latest group of knives. Months of work. All on their way to Germany.

Our tactical tools are the most badass knives on the modern battlefield. Designed from up-to-date data and specifications received from experienced U.S. special forces troops, they are crafted with the most advanced, cutting-edge metallurgy technology in the world.


We believe in our great country. We believe in freedom. And we believe in our servicemen and women who protect our country and our freedom. That's why we want them to have the best gear possible - not some "low-bidder" junk some pinhead politician thinks they should carry.

We make impossible gear for impossible situations.

A series of super steel knives ready for firing in the forge.

All our items are made by hand, with attention given to the details that are often missed by others. We can make this claim because we have the necessary field experience, imagination, and skills to know both what's needed and what works.


And we put that expertise into the hands of those who protect us from the darkness every day.


At DS&S, we make gear for legends!



Tangi River Bullshark

$3500 raised for the Navy SEAL Foundation!

A blade worthy of the greatest warriors in the world!

The Tangi River Valley Bullshark Advanced Combat Knife is the most advanced combat knife ever produced anywhere - and we auctioned it with 100-percent of the proceeds going to the Navy SEAL Foundation to honor the Navy SEALs lost 8/6/2011!


The blade is made from M390 cryogenically treated super-steel infused with nano-particles to create the ultimate super-strength blade because we owe legends our lives and liberty. And nothing but the best will do. Yeah Baby!


The nano-steel blade is paired with a special DRED system self-draining handle and custom fitted concealex sheath with tek-lok clip.


Follow the story of the Tangi River Valley Bullshark Advanced Combat Knife. It stands alone.

Marine Corps Fund

The Dark Horizon (S-Pattern) Advanced Marine Combat Knife just finished. M390 Supersteel, black diamond coated by Ion Bond and diamond engraved by KaMo Engravers of Albuquerque. This is .198 thick, double-edged blade, sharpened by TJ's Cutlery Plus.


special blade presented at ceremonies for destroyer commissioning

Commander of the DDG-112, USS Michael Murphy, Thomas Schultz, holds the knife presented to him - a specially constructed M390 Super Steel ZEUS II Advanced Combat Knife.
A close-up of the Murphy ZEUS II.

At the run-up to the Commissioning Ceremony of the USS Michael Murphy, DS&S Tactical was there.


The DS&S crew was represented by a specially-designed ZEUS II Advanced Combat Knife, handmade sheath and presentation box hand-built and carved by Badoracle. These items were presented to the Murphy's Commander, Thomas Schultz during a historic day as the DDG-112, moored in New York harbor, is prepared for Saturday's event.


The Murphy, a 510 foot destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class, is named after Medal of Honor recipient and Navy SEAL Michael P. Murphy, who died in Operation Red Wings in June 2005. In recognition of the commissioning, the Murphy's fine commander, and in memory of Michael, who's callsign was "Spartan 01," DS&S constructed a modern Spartan Xiphos, titled ZEUS II and built its' associated pieces over the the last couple months. 


Engraved on the blade and the plaque for the box, is the quote from the Spartan King to Xerxes in response to the order to the Spartans to hand over their arms. Written in ancient Greek, the line is fitting for the DDG-112 which carries the motto, "Lead the Fight."


Plutarch said:

"When Xerxes wrote again, 'hand over your arms,' he wrote in reply, "'Come and take them.'"

Badoracle working on the carving for the Murphy presentation box. At DS&S, we make gear for legends.

Marc Alan Lee

In memory of Marc Alan Lee, this blade was created at DS&S Tactical and presented to his mother, Debbie Lee.
The Marc Lee blade is test-fitted to its' carved titanium handles. Both the handles and blade are on their way to be Black Diamond coated. This represents some of our finest work, and materials.

In memory of Bart

The Wardog Advanced Battlefield Dagger ... Because sometimes legends are more than human.

Some may forget, but at DS&S that is simply not in our nature. So we remember Bart, the Wardog, who served the United States faithfully and lost his life with all the other special operators, 8/6/11 in Wardak Afghanistan. 


In memory of Bart, and all those like him, we created this knife, and it will be auctioned with 100-percent of the proceeds going to a charity to benefit service dogs. It is one of a kind.


Like Bart.


Because sometimes legends are more than human.




Special Operations Warrior Foundation - Army CQBT-B

The Tangi River U.S. Army CQBT-B was developed to honor the Army soldiers lost in the Tangi River Valley, Afghanistan on 8/6/2011! This knife was auctioned to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Follow the Special Operations Warrior Foundation charity blade story.... $520 was raised for the charity on this knife!

For those interested, our knives feature a zero-grind style at between 7.5 and 11 degrees. We do each of these completely by-hand and by-eyeball. There are no jigs at work here. Our grinder features a ten-inch wheel with a variable speed controller - and we run it at high pressures with a 70 duro contact wheel and 2 inch x 72-inch blaze ceramic belts. 

We do not, however, weigh our knives. If you are worried about how much they weigh, you must be preparing to take them into space. Hope you have a good trip.

Our steels have been LaTrobe Dura Tech 20CV, ELMAX, M390, CTS-204P and a couple in N690 and Cowry X. We don't schlep around with lesser stuff. 

Our coatings are also specialized stuff: We use Black-T and Black Diamond DLC. Our blades are sent out to those two companies to accomplish that work, depending on the requirements of the project.

We do all our own firing and cryo work. Everything by-hand and by-heart.




5-13 Months


(yep. We are that busy)


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